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Professional ​

I'm a journalism graduate at Emerson College and I have published profiles, editorials, and reviews. I have experience writing articles of every type, but I also have experience working with more analytical stories. My minor in Digital Media and Culture has allowed me to work with more visual stories, married with the written work. I have experience doing social media marketing on several platforms, as well as issuing press releases. This is just some of my recent work, but to see a full list of past work, check out my LinkedIn here.

SEO Editor at Distractify

​January 2020 - January 2021


As an editor at Distractify, I assist in copyediting upwards of 50 articles per day, while also working on assigning out articles, reporting on trends, and tracking our overall analytics to better create content on our entertainment news site. I also taught my team SEO skills and worked on optimizing our content for search.

Campaign Associate at AspireIQ

November 2018 - August 2019


As a campaign associate, I worked with brands to help them utilize our platform to allow their campaign to reap the biggest returns. I helped my brands negotiate and vet creators, manage their relationships, receive high-quality content, and develop strategies to repurpose their content.

Publicity Intern at Lucasfilm

March 2018 - June 2018


I worked as an intern at Lucasfilm in San Francisco. I coordinated press events and toolkits, assisted in tours and presentations, organized all public relations files for present and past productions, planned and assisted in running events, tracked our social presence, and responded to fan mail and gift requests.

Intern at The Life Project

August 2016 - March 2018


In my junior year of college, I began working for a self-help community website, The Life Project.  Having previously run a health blog, I was asked to be a part of this website, initially started by two YouTubers who wanted to help their fans. I assisted in the day-to-day maintenance of the website, edited posts, and helped users throughout the day.

Marketing Intern at Zumbini at Z-Bini Kidz

August 2017 - March 2018


I worked as the marketing intern at Zumbini's first-ever storefront, Z-Bini Kidz. I coordinated events, created all online and offline marketing materials, worked with the South Bay Galleria's event team, sold and pitched Zumbini merchandise, created and ran Z-Bini Kidz's new website, and ran all of our social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing Intern at Saus

February 2017 - June 2017


I worked as a social media marketing intern for the Boston restaurant Saus. I created content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and interacted with the restaurant's followers. I also worked with press inquiries and created a monthly newsletter for our subscribers. As the company is undergoing a rebranding, I was asked to help with the transition to their new theme. 

Editorial Intern/Adviser at Spoon University

​May 2016 - June 2017


​Throughout my sophomore year of college, I worked as the first Editorial Director for Spoon University Emerson. I was working with Spoon's headquarters in New York through summer 2016, writing five articles per week and creating content with other Spoon members, as well as distributing content.
















Emerson College

​2014 - 2017


​I was a journalism major at Emerson College with a minor in Digital Media and Culture. I was the Editorial Director of Spoon University Emerson throughout my sophomore year and I became the Editorial Advisor. I was a staff writer for the Emertainment Monthly film section and a frequent contributor to the publication's television section. I was also a regular blogger for the HuffPost blogsite.



West Essex Regional High School

​2010 - 2014


​While I attended West Essex, I was a member of the National Honor Society and the Italian National Honor Society. I was also the Vice President of the English National Honor Society. I contributed to the Wessex Wire in my sophomore and junior years and was the Arts and Culture editor in my senior year.

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