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As a marketer, I have experience in digital media content creation and engagement, influencer marketing, event promotion, and brand partnerships. During my time at AspireIQ, I helped develop influencer marketing strategies for the brands that I worked with, while also using my previous marketing experience to help the develop larger strategies for their digital marketing as a whole.


Before Aspire, I worked at a children's entertainment start-up called Z-Bini Kidz. There, I was initially hired as a marketing intern but quickly discovered that I was the only marketing team member. I was in charge of all social media, creating all of our content and driving engagement. I also organized our monthly events and was in charge of all promotional materials. I also made the decision to build out an influencer program of local moms to drive local traffic to our site and also secured brand sponsorships for each event. I also built out email campaigns around our events as well as around the companies' many different programs. By the time I left Z-Bini Kidz, Instagram followers had more than quadrupled and our Facebook likes had gone up by more than 7 times what I started with. But perhaps the biggest metric came from my event promotion. The first event I worked on only had 30 children in attendance. The last event I worked on had 200 children in attendance and had another 200 that we had to build a waitlist for.

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